Don't just dream in your sleep its just lazy

Swim Deep, Honey 2012.


Always an image maker, I have been producing them for over 16 years, Be it traditionally on film or digitally and all the wonderful forms in-between. I have fed this passion with travel, subcultures and my life, combined they all feed one another. I have been lucky enough to work within the photographic industry, both as an assistant and a photographer. Learning from photographers, friends and peers I am now ready to follow my own path with projects close to my heart.  

Park-ive was born out of my love for the environment, the power of the visual arts and science. Where urban green space meets community through the practice of archiving. A Public engagement project connecting people to their local green havens. Park-ive  volume one is initially a year long project engaging with communities, green spaces, parks, galleries and institutions in an effort to explore ideas and build relationships. 

Education & Influences

Liverpool John Moores University : MA Art in Science. 

University of Gloucestershire : BA  Photography Advertising and Editorial. 

Liverpool Community College : ND Photography.

Family and Friends.

Travel : China, North America, East Africa and Europe. 

Subcultures : Skateboarding, Music, Mountain biking and Ultimate (frisbee). 

The future...

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