Box-ive is the physical portal for submissions to our community based urban green space project Park-ive . Visit us at an urban green space near you (Only the Wirral currently), where we collect drawings, photographs, poetry and pressings. Once submitted we will digitise and add to our online archive Digi-ive.  Here at Park-ive we want to create an urban green space archive, collected physically and documented digitally, a visual history of our shrinking urban green spaces.

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As part of the  Park-ive  launch will be sharing a series looking at the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on our urban green spaces. Focusing on our new found and wide spread knowledge of distance with the introduction of the two meter rule in March 2020. As we Adapt to our new everyday, do we have a new found appreciation for our green space? 

Two meter squared will run in conjunction with Box-ive  as we tour urban green spaces around the area. The aim to engage with the public on how they value space, Raising awareness of the importance of our green spaces now more than ever. We hope to start with a pop up exhibition at the Gorsehill Millennium Green, New Brighton, Wirral in the next few weeks. There will also be a photographic series to accompany Box-ive, journeying through urban green spaces with the focus on scale. A mirror of our time, a metaphor for our footprint on the planet. 

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